Pixel words are to be found along the Canal, under the windmills and beneath the feet of passers-by.

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Molenbeek was once a rural village that supplied Brussels with the products of the countryside. As a result of its location on the canal, in the first half of the nineteenth century it developed into an outlying industrial borough. It is still a borough where urban renewal is in full swing. It is also a place of great contrasts: for example, what is expected of life in old and new Molenbeek is not the same. Successive waves of immigration have given rise to a curious cultural mix.

From Sainctelettesquare / Place Sainctelette to Zwarte Paardstraat / Rue du Cheval-Noir along the canal in Molenbeek.


Passa Porta collaborated with Sint-Jans-Molenbeek Council, R.I.C. Foyer Brussel, Buurthuis Bonnevie, Huis van Culturen en Sociale Samenhang, Gemeenschapscentrum De Vaartkapoen, JES vzw, Academie voor tekenkunsten en visuele kunsten, Brukselbinnenstebuiten, La Fonderie, VOEM, Brussel behoort ons toe/Bruxelles nous appartient.